A Review From a Physics Student

Let me start by saying that Physics is not my favorite subject, but Mrs. Jetta, an easy-going teacher, has a special gift for making it fun.  She answers my MANY questions in a way that is understandable and encouraging.  The live, online classes are extremely beneficial and entertaining since she jokes around with us as she teaches.  By using funny pictures and memes, she is able to make the physics concepts that hurt my brain lighter and more memorable.  It is obvious that Mrs. Jetta loves teaching Physics, is excited to share what she knows, and is genuinely pleased when we learn.  This class has been difficult for me, a biology-loving, math-hating girl, but Mrs. Jetta has somehow managed to help me enjoy it and, despite all odds, do pretty well.  The only “draw back” to taking this class is that for the rest of my life I will walk around saying, “Oh, look at that! Mrs. Jetta taught us that this happens because…”  Trust me, you will never see ordinary things the same way again!

Written by Ava, a Clover Creek Science physics student