A Review from a Homeschool Mom

My daughter took Ms. Seboly’s Physics course this year, and it has been her favorite year of science ever (which is saying a lot, because last year she loved chemistry).  The syllabus walked her through Hewitt’s Conceptual Physics textbook at a brisk but reasonable pace.  The “morning messages” were delightful–friendly, enthusiastic, and often full of excellent information and explanations that illuminated and furthered the information in the textbook.

The labs, unlike any science labs we have done before, were simple yet profoundly illustrative, and best of all, they really worked as they were supposed to.  My daughter was thrilled, for example, when she was able to figure out what Hooke’s Law was simply by doing the lab, even though she had no idea what Hooke’s Law was when she started.  All of the labs were doable at home with readily available and inexpensive materials, yet they required the student to observe, record, and manipulate data at a high level.  And unlike most science labs, they simply worked.  Ms. Seboly also provided clear instructions for the students to learn how to properly complete a lab report based on their lab experiences.

One of the best aspects of the course for us is that Ms. Seboly supplemented this excellent conceptual physics textbook enough to make it a genuine physics-with-algebra course.  Her problem-solving worksheets brought my daughter a deep understanding of how useful algebra can be in working with physics concepts.  The students were well prepared for the worksheets by the morning messages, and the problems were perfectly relevant to the chapter being studied at the time.  My daughter loved this aspect of the course.

She also found the quizzes and tests challenging but fair, and a useful motivation for reviewing and solidifying concepts she had learned.

We highly recommend Ms. Seboly’s online physics class to any homeschool family, and in fact we plan to use it with our younger daughter, too!

Written by Anna, the mom of one of my online students. 2/6/15