Online Homeschool Physics

Registration for the 2018-19 school year will open at the end of February 2018.

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Clover Creek’s online homeschool physics course is a full-credit high school science course with lab. It may be taken any time during the high school years provided the student has completed Algebra I successfully (with at least a B average). It is ideal for both STEM-focused students who may choose to take more complex physics later in high school (i.e. AP Physics) or humanities-minded students who desire a strong science course on their transcript. This course may also be considered a “physics first” course and be taken as early as 8th grade if the student meets the Algebra I prerequisite. Students younger than 8th grade will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Although the spine text for the course is Paul Hewitt’s excellent Conceptual Physics: The High School Program (3rd edition), Clover Creek Physics is not solely conceptual in nature. The student will learn how to solve many types of algebra-based physics problems and will complete a variety of math and graph-based lab activities. Thus, the course should be labeled “Physics” on the student’s transcript.

Components of this Online Physics Course

Clover Creek Physics is an online course that uses Coursesites by Blackboard as its online medium. Coursesites is a password-protected, secure “learning management system” that allows individual teachers to develop fully functioning online courses for their classes. Within the Coursesites website, Clover Creek students access daily “morning messages”, problem solving practice, discussion forums, lab instructions, quizzes, and tests. The students may also choose to attend weekly live, online class meetings linked through Coursesites where they may participate in active problem solving practice and concept discussion. These meetings are optional but highly recommended. The live classes will be held on Thursdays at either 10 a.m. or 12 noon CT. Finally, Coursesites provides an online grading system that may be accessed at any time by the student.

Labs and semester projects are completed at home using easily obtainable and inexpensive materials. A list of the necessary materials for the labs will be available upon registration. Written portions of tests, lab reports, and project pictures and/or video are scanned and emailed to Mrs. Jetta, so the ability to scan documents and photos is a necessity for the course.Online Homeschool Physics Bridge Project

Course schedule: TBA

Course Fees

The total fee for this course is $420 or $430. Of that fee, a non-refundable $30 is due upon registration to hold the student’s place in the class as well as to cover textbook rental and postage. If you prefer to purchase your own text, the registration fee is $20. The remaining $400 must be paid in full by June 20th. This fee is fully refundable until September 20th and 50% refundable after that date and until January 5th.

Contact Me

For more information about this online homeschool physics course, please email Jetta Seboly at or complete the following form. I would be happy to discuss your student’s readiness for the course as well as his or her science goals for high school.